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Welcome to the Czech Republic


With its rich natural resources of mineral and thermal water and peat, exploited for medical purposes by 35 spas, the Czech Republic can rightly be ranked among the spa superpowers. In addition to outstanding results in the treatment of numerous diseases, ranging from disorders of the locomotive and nervous systems to diseases of the skin, the state-of-the art spa facilities offer plentiful opportunities for active forms of relaxation and recuperation, as well as for cultural experiences. Wellness programmes in particular are becoming increasingly popular with visitors as they offer relaxation during spa procedures and the joy of movement and rest. With its twelve thermal springs of mineral water Karlovy Vary is the largest and most famous of the Czech spa resorts. The spa has built its fame ever since the 14th century, when it was founded by Emperor Charles IV.

The spa resort, nestling in the picturesque valley of the River Tepla, has played host to a number of monarchs, politicians and prominent artists, including Goethe, Mozart and Tsar Peter the Great. Every June, the celebrities of today arrive in Karlovy Vary to attend the International Film Festival, the most important event of its kind in Central Europe. Apart from remarkable successes in curing diseases of the digestive organs, Karlovy Vary offers its guests active relaxation at tennis courts or a golf course, as well as strolls in charming scenery enveloping the town centre. Apart from Karlovy Vary, the elegant spa of Marianske Lazne and the neoclassical spa of Frantiskovy Lazne form the famed triangle of West Bohemian spas. At the foot of the Krusne (Ore) Mountains lies Jachymov, the first radon spa to be established in the world, where the research scientist Marie Curie Sklodowska made many of her discoveries. The Trebon spa, located at the edge of a biospheric reserve, in the picturesque landscape of South Bohemian ponds, is prepared to welcome its guests. When listing the Czech spas, one cannot omit the spa town of Podìbrady, located in Central Bohemia, and Janske Lazne, a spa resort nestling in the heart of the Krkonose (Giant) Mountains. The spa town of Luhacovice in Moravia, the venue of the Janacek Music Festival, uses acidulous mineral water to cure its guests. In the Hruby Jesenik massif, the spas of Jesenik and Karlova Studanka are waiting for their guests. There are many other spa towns in the Czech Republic that offer tranquility, composure and recuperation to their visitors.


Karlovy Vary: disorders of the digestive systém, metabolic disorders, diabetes, gout, obesity, periodontal diesease, disorders of the locomotor systém, diaseases of the liver, gall bladder, biloius ducts, pancreas, cancer.

Marianske Lazne: diseases of the kidneys and the urinal passages, metabolism, upper respiratory passages, skin diseases, rehabilitation of nerve disorders and post-accident physical rehabilitation.

Frantiskovy Lazne: treatment of heart and vascular diseases, gynecological disorders, and disorders of the motor organs.

Jachymov: rheumatism nerve disorders, metabolic disorders.

Teplice: motor and circulatory disorders, nerve disorders.

Janske Lazne: treatment of paralysis, nerve and muscle disorders, post-operators and post-accident conditions.

Podebrady: heart problems, conditions after myocardial heart attacks, high blood pressure.

Trebon: treatment of the motor organs.

Jesenik: hydrotherapy, chronic bronchitis, asthma, thyroid glands, cardiovascular system.

Luhacovice: respiratory disorders, illnesses of the digestive organs, diabetes, overweight.