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Welcome to the Czech Republic


Prague, the City of a Hundred Spires, the Golden City, the Magic City - these are only a few of the many attributes which have been invented for Prague, the cupital of the Czech Republic, which has evolved near fords on the river Vltava, at a junction of major central European routes over millennia.

Prague is located on terraces and hillswhich overlook the wide flowing river Vltava. Thanks to its location in a m.ixture of terrain, the city affords a wealth of breath-taking panoramic views. Its numerous Romanesque, Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque and ,Rococo buildings are well,complemented by a host of early 2Oth-century Art Nouveau structures, as well as unique examples of the Cubist style.

Whether you stray Withrough its labyrinth of twisting little sreets to the Old Town Square with its dominant features, the Church of Our Lady Before Týn and the Old, Town Hall tower featuring a unique astronomical clock, or take a stroll cross the Charles Bridge, one of the oldest in central Europe, you are certain to enjoy the city's splendid architecture at every step. Prague Castle, the millennium-old residence of the kings of Bohemia and the seat of the President of the Republic, forms, together with the slim towers of St Vitus´s Cathedral, a panorama which has no rival anywhere.

Petøín Hill, accessible by a runicular railway, provides a maguificent view or the city and has a lookput in the rorm of a reduced-size copy or the Eiffel Tower in Paris.

The list of Prague's remarkable, mysterious or historic sites and monuments would be endless blit allow us to include in this short survey at least the important landmarks of Prague Jewish eDItore, The Gothic Old-New Synagogue, the oldest synagogue in central Europe, has been serving its purpose for some 700 years in its original appearance, preserved despite all historical reversals and recurrent pogroms of Jews. The Old Jewish Cemetery fascinates visitors with an array of more than 12,000 tombstones, the oldest ofwhich date from the 15th century.

However, Prague is also a modern-day metropolis and a hub of culture, education and trade, able to offer its visitors and those on business trips a range of top-class accommodation and catering services.