The Moravian Karst belongs to the most important karst areas in the central Europe. It consists of strongly karsted devon limestones.
Superficial and underground karst phenomenons can be found in this area of 100 square kilometres. There are more than 1000 known caves. Four of them are opened to public. To preserve this unique phenomena, the Moravian Karst was proclaimed a protected area in 1965.
The Moravian Karst is the most important tourist locality of our region. Thousands of tourist are visiting this area every year. They are fascinated by a magnificent nature of the Moravian Karst, they are admiring a dizzying depth of the Macocha Abyss and they are looking forward to visiting the caves. Unfortunately, some of them are leaving dissapointed, unknowing local conditions, e.g. they have missed their bus, they have not withdrawn their tickets to the Punkva Caves in time or it has been sold out for several days ahead.
On this page, we would like to give you several practical advice how to spend your vacation in the Moravian Karst the most pleasant way.


Katherine's Cave, the Punkva Caves and Macocha Abyss
Starting point is Skalní mlýn. You can buy tickets for each cave here and also the tickets for the ecological transport. Katherine's Cave is 5 minutes' walk from here - it is known especially for its stalactite formation "The Witch" and the legend of Katherine and her lost sheep. This cave is very popular among the children, tour lasts 30 minutes.
Go back to Skalní mlýn, take the road train that will guide you to the Punkva Caves. The tour is divided into two parts - the foot walk and the boat ride and lasts 60 minutes. Important warning - children under age of 3 are not admitted to the cave. Not far away from the caves, there is a lower station of the cableway that is running to the Upper Bridge of the Macocha Abyss. You can take the same way (or tourist route) back to Skalní mlýn.

Balcarka Cave and the Sloup-Šošùvka Caves
Reach the village of Ostrov u Macochy through the village of Vilémovice - Balcarka Cave is located outside the village. It is known especially for its rich and colourful stalactite decorations and you don't need reservation of the tickets for this cave. Move off to Sloup - Village of the Year 2000. The Sloup-Šošùvka Caves underwent reconstruction recently. Kùlna Cave - famous archaeological site is also part of the cave. You can experience two routes - short and long. Short route lasts 60 minutes, we recommend the long route for the competent ones, it lasts 100 minutes and you walk 1670 metres.

Good advice in conclusion: don't forget to dress yourself warmly, as the permanent cave temprerature is about 7-8 degrees celsius!!!

Punkevni Caves
Length of the route: 1400 m
Length of the visit: 60 min
These caves belong to the oldest system of caves in the Czech Republic. Through the caves flows the underground river Punkva. The visitors can admire sizeable, richly decorated halls and go by boats along the river Punkva as far as the Macocha Abyss (138,7 m deep). The Masaryk´s Hall is the most beautiful underground space of the Moravian Karsts.

Sloupsko-Sosuvske Caves
Length of the route: 1670 m
Length of the visit: 100 min
The caves create a system of tunnels and halls with deep abysses. A number of skeleton remains of cave animals as well as tools of the Neanderthals and parts of their sculls were found in the caves. In the Elisabeth's cave concerts of chamber music take place.
Location: Blanensko area, South-Moravian region.