The chateau acquired its current appearance during the 1800s and is rightfully considered the most magnificent aristocratic residence to be found in the Czech Republic. Its splendidly furnished interiors boast rare woodcarvings and massive art collections. The library, one of the largest spaces in the chateau, contains twelve thousand volumes of books in several languages, including a priceless first edition of Diderot's Encyclopedia.

The former riding school, the stables and the coach sheds now serve as a picture gallery presenting a permanent art exhibition as well as seasonal displays.

The chateau is surrounded by a large, natural landscape park, which smoothly blends with the surrounding area, adapted in the Baroque style and featuring characteristic long alleys of trees andlarge fishponds.

Location: 145 km south of Prague

Sights: Zoo, displays of folk crafts

Culture: Concerts and exhibits, theatre, The Ale‰ South Bohemian Gallery

Sport: Cycling, hiking, golf, water sports

Surroundings: Ceske Budujovice, Holasovice - UNESCO monument - South Bohemian country baroque

Hluboka nad Vltavou Chateau

The founding of this castle is originally associated with the Cec clan who founded old Budejovice, even though its original name of Fronburg (Master's castle) attests to its probable establishment as an agricultural estate.

Hluboká entered history in 1285 when the estate was ruled by Vítek, brother of Záviš of Falkenštejn. After Záviš was accused of grand treason, Vítek refused to hand Hluboká over to royal hands and the Duke of Opava Mikuláš had Záviš executed in front of Hluboká, on the so-called "field of penalty".

The Hluboká estates were often used afterwards for securities and pledges and slowly dilapidated, then were finally repaired by Vilém of Pernštejn, who also had a series of lakes and ponds built around Hluboká, including Bezdrev. In 1561 Jáchym of Hradec bought Hluboká from the royal chamber. The building work he began was continued after his premature death by his son Adam with the participation of the Italian builder Baltazar Maggi, who reconstructed the Gothic castle into a Renaissance chateau around two courtyards.

The next construction work done of Hluboká was at the beginning of the 18th century, when Adam Franz of Schwarzenberg had the castle reconstructed from the foundations up according to a design by the court builder Pavel Ignác Bayer. Today's appearance, however, comes to us from the time of Johann Adolf II. of Schwarzenberg and his wife Eleonora. The royal pair often made trips to England and became acquainted there with Tudorian and Elizabethan architecture. The princess especially was so charmed by the royal chateau of Windsor that upon their return the Viennese architect Franz Beer was commissioned to reconstruct Hluboká based on its design. The work lasted from 1839 - 1871 and completely covered all traces of previous building phases. At the same time, the extensive area in front of the castle was demolished and an English park was installed with a winter garden and adjacent riding school. On the west side of the castle a court administration building was constructed in the same style.


Visitors' routes

- the main visitor's route through the castle focuses on the representational rooms of the 1st floor, furnished mostly according to late English Renaissance from the age of Elizabeth and Jacob, with numerous rich wood-carving, decorated and guilded furniture, and many other items.

- A special section of Schwarzenberg armour has been opened and focuses on the extraordinary quality of the family collection of arms and armoury from the 13th to 19th century.

Also of interest

- the former riding school holds an exhibition of the Alšova collection from the South Bohemian gallery.

- not far from Hluboká is the hunting chateau of Ohrada, with collections focusing on hunting, game-keeping, and fishing in the South Bohemian region.

- next to Ohrada is a small zoo.

Hluboká Castle is open:

In April and October daily except Mondays from 9:00-16:30
In May and June daily except Mondays from 9:00-17:00
From July to August daily from 9:00-17:00
In September daily except Mondays from 9:00-16:30
The castle is closed on days following state holidays. The last tour begins at the end of visiting hours.


Stekl - a romantic castle hotel is situated 11 km from Ceske Budejovice in Hluboka nad Vltavou, surrounded with the beautiful landscape of South Bohemia, a region with eventful history. The Stekl hotel adjoins the Hluboka castle, one of the most frequently visited castles in the Czech Republic. The hotel's history is closely tied to the castle.
The luxurious hotel boasts several unique features: its location, long history of its building and fine-tuned combination of professional services and friendly atmosphere.

The Stekl hotel is an ideal place for families and individual holidaymakers, as well as for social and business events.

Stekl hotel offers 44 rooms whose interior design reflects that of the Hluboka castle. Moreover, no two rooms in the hotel are identical. The rooms are individually designed and as a result, each of the rooms offers its own original atmosphere.

The hotel's stylish "Restaurant of the Lords of the Rose" offers exquisite international and Czech cuisine at the top professional level. Drinks and refreshment are available at the hotel Lobby bar. You can enjoy yourself at Relax Club Stekl with sauna, indoor pool with a waterfall and power jet, solarium, whirlpool and high-quality fitness studio. The hotel reception desk will arrange for bicycle hiring and additional special services.

The hotel also offers a wide selection of cultural events, including historical shows in the interiors of the Hluboka castle.